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Build wealth, long-term client relationships and lifelong residual income,
so you never have to start over again!

Many business owners spend their lives trapped in a cycle of constantly starting over again.

With each new client, they begin the nurture and enrollment process from the ground up. If a business venture fails, they have to start from scratch. And far too many of them are constantly chasing new referral relationships, and spending hours networking and following up, only to be left with little or nothing to show for it.

Wouldn't you rather do the heavy lifting once - or, even better, have a lot of it done for you - then enjoy the returns for the rest of your life, so you never have to start over again?

Welcome to the easy way to get clients, referrals and residual income.

What if, instead of spending hours upon hours chasing clients and referral partners, you could have them brought to you?

In Liberty Group, we:

  • Find ideal referral partners for our members, so you get more warm prospects who are ready to buy.

  • Help you and your referral partners to describe each other's services and send each other clients, so you aren't left wondering how to make the referral.

  • Set up your referral tracking, lead generation, lead capture and email marketing software for you.

  • Help you provide superior services by teaming up with your referral partners to become a convenient one-stop shop for your clients.

  • Increase your authority and value by making you the go-to person for ALL the services your clients need to get results, because even if you don't perform the services yourself, you know who to recommend.

  • Track and manage referrals, so you consistently get paid for the referrals you make.

  • Recommend you to our clients and our fellow members' clients whenever they need you.

  • Get you discounts on marketing, software, and other necessary business expenses.

  • Bring you opportunities to create residual income.

  • Help you recruit teammates you can override, so you can profit from their work while helping them to thrive.

  • Guarantee that you'll make $10,000 through your work with us - as a start!

To learn more, call us at 631.946.0037 to schedule a time to explore this opportunity and see if it's a good fit for you.

Never mind the call - I'm ready to join!

That's great! We're thrilled to have you!
Because so much work goes into a Managed Joint Venture, there is a membership fee of $6,000 USD. That's less than you'd pay for 12 hours of work with a good attorney, and our JV experts, attorneys, copywriters and other members will put a LOT more than that into making sure you succeed.

When you join Liberty Group, you start with a two-year membership in a group that will work hard to make sure that you not only make $10,000, but continue to grow after that first milestone is reached. At the end of those two years, you have the option to continue your relationship with us, so we can help you reach even greater heights of success.

You have two options for purchasing your membership:

Option 1: Save $1,000 and get $1,000 in free marketing services by paying up front!

When you pay your membership fee in full and up front, it only costs $5,000. That means when you make your first $10,000, you'll have gotten a 200% ROI!

On top of that, you'll get a marketing credit that entitles you to $1,000 worth of work by our marketing, software and copywriting professionals. That means the cost of your lead capture, email marketing, and optional SMS marketing system is already covered!

When you pay up front, you also get a free copy of our ebook, Get More Referrals and Make More Sales: How to Get Your Referral Marketing Done For You, and Turn More Leads Into Paying Clients.

Option 2: Monthly payments.

With this option, you pay $1,000 per month for six months. Once that $6,000 is paid, you're a full member of Liberty Group, and the $10,000 guarantee will be activated.

Once you become a full member, we are absolutely dedicated to giving you all the tools, education, support and services you need to make $10,000 dollars in new income, and to build up relationships and income streams that will support you for life, so you'll never start over again.



All payments are non-refundable.

Intellectual Property Development


If you've been invited to work with our Coaching and Intellectual Property Development service, we look forward to having you aboard!
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What if I'm not ready to become a member of Liberty Group?

If you aren't ready to join us as a member, but you need a boost to help you attract more clients and grow your business, we have several options for you:

Learn how to get more clients with our client attraction ebook

When you describe your products or services, do your potential clients respond with interest or confusion?

If they don't see how your offer makes their lives better, they won't pay for it, so knowing how to describe your product is vital to your business' success!

That's why our managing member, Matt Radin, teamed up with writer and educational marketing specialist Stephanie O'Brien to create an ebook called Get More Referrals and Make More Sales: How to Get Your Referral Marketing Done For You, and Turn More Leads Into Paying Clients.

In this book, they'll walk you through the process of determining what you want to sell, who you want to sell it to, and how to describe it so you make more sales. You'll also discover how to get other people to sell your product for you, and to make it easier for your referral partners to promote you.

Visit Stephanie's website to get your copy!

Discover how to get more leads, referrals, money and freedom through Managed Joint Ventures

In this eye-opening seminar series, you'll discover:

1. Low-effort strategies to get more hot leads that are ready to buy.

2. How to turn leads into loyal, high-paying clients who recommend you to their friends, clients and peers.

3. Ways for real estate professionals and related businesses to leverage other people’s networks with your own “Realtor® Referral Hub”, so you get more clients with less time and effort.

4. How to get more referrals, and get paid for the referrals you make.

5. How to anticipate and resolve problems in your business BEFORE they cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

6. How to guarantee your results, so your potential clients feel safer and are more willing to buy from you.

7. And much more!

Visit this page to get the details.